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24 September 2006 @ 01:02 am
Hey, its one of your mods again, I just wanted to let everyone know that the rules have been updated and I ask for everyone to read them carefully before posting.

The only major rule that is changing is that from now on, you cannot just post a YouTube link. We ask that you also add a link from either YSI, Sendspace, or some place else. The reason for this is because most vidders like the better quality that they recieve when they can download the vid straight to their computer.

Other than that there are no major changes.

If you have a question email me at misa_05@livejournal.com.

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19 September 2006 @ 10:42 pm
Hey everyone, its you mod Melissa, and well I have up a new layout. Its only a couple of weeks until the new season and I felt that a change of color and layout was appropriate.

We are going back to the beginning....

Welcome to everyone who has recently joined, and thanks to everyone who helps make this community a success.

So, everyone get vidding and lets crank out some god LoVe Vids before the premiere.
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05 September 2006 @ 07:53 am
Title:  Shiver
Vidder:  Moi (catherinebruce)
Band: Maroon 5
Spoilers:  Big humongerous ones for season two finale.
Summary:  Um... erm... cheese...? It's from Logan's perspective, and he's trying to find a new way in?  Perhaps under her skin?  Hmm...
Warnings:  None except the BIG HUMONGEROUS SPOILERS for the season two finale :D
Size: 28.9 MB

First off, gigantic and enormous thanks to </a></font></strong></a>__undeniiable and SeluciaV for looking at the vid during various stages...  Wouldn't be what it is without their good input ^_^  So thanks, yall!  Hmm, what else?  Oh yes!  This is probably my first fast paced video in about... forever.  So the style is kind of new to me, more hard cuts and less fadey things... (marvel at my techy-word know-how!)  Along with other stuff thrown in in an attempt to match the pace.  Yup!  And yes, 'tis another Logan/Veronica video.  From Logan's perspective.  (Why? Because he's so purdy!  ...Please ignore the girl behind the curtain, she got nooo sleep last night...)  So anyhoo.  Enjoy!  Pretty please?
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05 September 2006 @ 02:01 am
So I made another LoVe video a few months ago after EPIC aired. Like OMG! Anywho here it is. I finally put it here and LJ and back online.

Band/Song: Bonnie Tyler -
Total Eclipse of the Heart
Episodes: Up until 2x20
Links: YouTube
A video on Logan/Veronica's relationship. I made this a few months ago and decided to put it here and back online. Enjoy.

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02 September 2006 @ 11:12 pm
Title: One Week
Band: Barenaked Ladies
Spoilers: Through 2.22
Summary: Just a fun LoVe video with hardly any angst, surprisingly. It took me some time though because the lyrics are a little weird. But it was worth it in the end =)
Size: 17 MB

27 August 2006 @ 02:32 pm
Title: Logan & Veronica - Too Far Gone
Vidder: jennafied & xdisarmed
Band: The All American Rejects
Spoilers: Season 1 & 2
Summary: Logan and Veronica: The ups and downs.
Warnings: None
Size: 16.8 MB


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21 August 2006 @ 12:54 pm
Here is the first ever Logan/Veronica video I have made, it is set to the song Become by The goo goo dolls.

Link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ouuscETG8vQ
19 August 2006 @ 11:48 pm
... my first ever selfmade video.. yes, I'm kinda proud of myself... and what I never would have thought but I really like the outcome... so I love to share with you:

Title: This will all go down...
Vidder: lizzyluthor
Band/Song: Matchbox 20 - Last beautiful Girl
Spoilers: Non... clips up to episode 2x18 (because I havn't seen more)
Summary: Logan is angry with Veronica for breaking up with him... what if the bad one in all this wasn't him but her??
Warnings: non
Size: 27 MB

(change xx to tt)
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B7U8lfpBLlc

okay... as said before this is my first ever selfmade video so I would really really love feedback... what do you like what don't you like... and do you get my point?? I really tried to think about what story I wanted to tell (as said in the summary) but I'm not really sure if you can see it from the video... so a comment on that would be great!
Someday (soon) I'll upload this on my homepage but at the moment I don't have acess to it so for now you have to take the megaupload-link...
19 August 2006 @ 01:38 pm
Woot woot made another video!!!

Title: Ever the Same
Vidder: intothat
Artist: Rob Thomas 

Watch it here at youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6-k1eI7_gAg

if you have a youtube account feel free to leave comments!!
13 August 2006 @ 12:27 pm
Ok lovelys I just made a video... Comment please.

James Blunt - Goodbye My Lover
Character/Ship: Logan/Veronica
Episodes: Various season 1 and 2 goes to 2x22
Links/Size: 24 KB 
Notes: The song used for this video is the beautiful Goodbye my Lover by James Blunt. It's an angsty LoVe vid, and a Logan losing V type vid and going back on the times they had and how he knows they belong together.

Comments... They're like chocolate the more the better.
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