Jess (tabula_xrasa) wrote in love_vids,

Our Lady Peace - Clumsy

Title: Clumsy
Vidder: starburstingx/tabula_xrasa (myself)
Band: Our Lady Peace
Spoilers: some mild season 1 spoilers, but only a couple seconds of them and they're fairly subtle. no real season 3 spoilers and only one very vague season 2 spoiler. For the most part, it's spoiler-free.
Summary: Okay, so this is my first fanvideo ever. It's basically just about everything Logan and Veronica have been through and how they need each other and all that sweet stuff. It's pretty angsty but there are a decent amount of those cutesy scenes we all love as well.
Warnings: There is one very short scene of Veronica and Duncan. You only see Duncan's face for a millisecond, but those with weak stomaches may want to fastforward over it. xP
Size: 27.23 MB
Links: or
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